MISP museum
Right to the Future

Oct 25 - Dec 3
Opening Wednesday October 25 at 6 PM

The State Museum of Contemporary Art and the Greek Consulate of St. Petersburg are pleased to announce the official participation of ten Greek artists at the international group exhibition organized by the Museum of Art of the 20th and the 21st Centuries in St. Petersburg (Музей искусства Санкт-Петербурга XX-XXI веков), on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the October 1917 Revolution.

The exhibition, entitled Right to the Future, develops around the theme of "Revolution", not just the specific Russian revolution, but the concept of revolution in general, seen as a complex socio-cultural event, which is not limited to the revolt or the military conflict. Over 60 contemporary European artists, masters, famous names and emerging talents express their own views on the idea of ​​revolution, the innovative processes, the world order of things, and prospects for the future.

The exhibition opens on October 25th, 2017 (18am) in the newly renovated venues of the MISP Museum, on 103 Griboedova str. and is accompanied by a catalog of all the artists participating in the project.

The Greek/Cypriot artistic delegation has the institutional support of the SMCA – State Museum of Contemporary Art and is composed of 10 artists:
Manolis Baboussis,
Elli Chrisidou,
Venia Dimitrakopoulou,
Stelios Faitakis,
Antigoni Kavvatha,
Theodor Lalos,
Alexander Maganiotis,
Dimitris Merantzas,
Natassa Poulantza,
Klitsa Antoniou
Afrodite Oikonomidou and John Bolis have collaborated for the individuation of the artistic projects and have curated the participation in St. Peterburg’s exhibition.
Participating artists
Klitsa Antoniou / Kirill Arganovsky / Zaven Arshakuni / Vyacheslav Afonichev / Manolis Baboussis / Konstantin Batynkov / Petr Belenok / Aleksey Belyaev-Gintovt / Gleb Bogomolov / Sergey Borodkin / Erik Bulatov / Valery Vatenin / Gor Chahal / Kirill Chelushkin / Elli Chrisidou / Claire Gavronsky / Vadim Grigoriev-Bashun / Aleksandr Dashevsky / Venia Dimitrakopoulou / Irina Drozd / Stelios Faitakis / Oleg Zhogin / Dmitry Kaminker / Mikhail Karasik / Antigoni Kavvatha / Vladimir Kozin / Marina Koldobskaya / Mikhail Komrakov / Petr Konnikov / Theodore Lalos / Filippo Leonardi / Paolo Leonardo / Francesco Lopomo / Alexander Maganiotis / Tito Marci / Dimitris Merantzas / Nino Migliori / Yury Nikiforov / Anatoly Osmolovsky / Arkady Petrov / Ivan Plusch / Natassa Poulantza / Aleksandr Pozin / George Pusenkoff / Vitaly Pushnitsky / Kerim Ragimov / Viktor Remishevsky / Renzogallo / Mikhail Roginsky / Sonia Ros / Andrey Rudiev / Konstantin Simun / Natalia Shalina / Rose Shakinovsky / Aleksandr Sitnikov / Haim Sokol / Ivan Sotnikov / Vladimir Tabanin / Igor Tishin / Danila Tkachenko / Vitaly Tyulenev / Cosimo Veneziano / Ciro Vitale & PierPaolo Patti

Natassa Poulantza S.L.K.J.P. (Stalin.Lenin.Kalinin.Jackson.Pollock), 2014 / St. Petersburg (Музей искусства Санкт-Петербурга XX-XXI веков) 

Digital print on archival paper, 95X200 cm. Since 2010, Natasha Poulantza presents a series of works entitled "It's All Lie" which explores issues related to knowledge, communication, memory function, the endoscopic process of artistic production. In her composition she creates an "untimely encounter": the figures of Lenin, Stalin, and Kalinin, the leading figures of the October Revolution, coexist with a painting composition by American Jackson Pollock (key representative of the Movement of Abstract Expressionism), suggesting a tour of a world where certainties are subverted, the boundaries between truth and lie are fluid and constantly redefined.

MISP museum Right to the Future Oct 25 - Dec 3 Opening Wednesday October 25 at 6 PM